Friday, July 17, 2009

I'm a Blog Giveaway Winner!

"Big Huge Thanks" to Anna Wight . I was randomly selected as the winner of this blog giveaway! She was so generous in this givewaway, she could have had a Roster Rug for herself, but decided to give away this rug...

It is huge. It arrived this afternoon by FedEx. He was so excited when he saw it in his room. Immediately out came the box of cars and he was off to the races. Isn't it just gorgeous? Her selection was a random computer generated pick, my number being #119. I'm so thrilled that I won...

If you haven't visted Anna's Blog before it's a must see! She lives on a farm with countless chickens, each with it's own name and lots of cats and goats, donkeys and cows!!! And that's just for starters. She is a remarkable artist, card maker, stamper, designer and photographer. I trip to her blog is an excursion into happy land!

So I dedicate this post to Sweet Miss Daisy - Anna Wight! Thank you so much....


  1. Awwww, how wonderful!! I was just thinking about the rug earlier today, wondering if you'd received it yet. What timing! I'm so glad it's being enjoyed in your home! Thanks for the wonderful photos, and such kind words. =) -Anna.

  2. Congrats Barbara! My son has a rug like this and he adores it! Jordan is in for a lot of fun! :D


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