Monday, June 1, 2009

I'm more than just a stamper...

I realize it's been more than just a few days since I posted pictures of the kids. I'm doing a lot more than stamping these days, honest! It's the shopping with two babies, laundry for three kids plus ourselves, feedings, diaper changes,play time, meals and housework and then some stamping. I've just been uploading more cards lately. I am a very busy mom.

The weather has been wonderful here lately, today was 90 F. and it seems like more of our days are in that range. We put this small pool up for Jordan on the weekend and so now he figures he needs to be in it all the time. Go figure!!!

He hounded us about getting in the pool until dinner was finished and we said okay, he ran outside, took off his clothes in the garage and put on his bathing suit. So we decided to put the girls in also. This is the first time for them to be in their bathing suits. They are just toooooo cute.

So here are several pictures of the kids "swimming" tonight...

This is Brielle learning how to swim...

Josslyn on the left, Brielle on the right and the handsome dude in the center is Jordan...

Josslyn and Brielle...

Two very intent babies who love to splash in the water...

Lisa and Earl, the children's parents, will be home in two weeks for their R & R. They will be taking the children across the country to visit with family for a couple of weeks then return to Afghanistan until sometime in December. My DH and I have a lot of activities planned for JUST US while the kids are gone. Then we'll be back into the thickof things for the remaining 6 months.


  1. Wow, what an adventure your life has been and will be for the next 1/2 year! Those kidpops are so adorable!

  2. Hi Barb! These little tots are the cutest and they look so comfortable sitting in that pool cooling off and having fun! Enjoy them while you can! Hugs, Cami

  3. Oh my goodness, what adorable children.


  4. Hi Barb...Thanks for sharing the pictures of your family. You are a very busy lady. What a blessing you and your husband are.

  5. oh my gosh! Are these three CUTE!! I don't know how you get any stamping done!

  6. Your Tilda is almost as precious as those kidlets! Love the paper piecing!


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