Sunday, May 24, 2009

Tilda Note Cards

I made a little set of watercolor notecards last week as a gift, but still had some cut and folded note cards sitting on my "studio" table. So while I was going through the images Claudia sent me and ooooing and awwwwwwing over them all and trying to decide which to work on first, I thought about making some note cards from them. I still had some designer paper left over from that same project so, waste not want not!!!

Here is the result of my spending most of my day with Tilda.

I decided to put a small square of white cardstock inside just so whoever gets these little cuties can actually write something in them and then I decided to fancy them up a little by adding lines and dots. Then I got really carried away and decided the do the same of the envelopes so that it all ties together. The little heart on a ribbon is my "signature" piece. I put this on every card somewhere, and usually sign my name.

The artists in the MAGNOLIA-licious yahoo group are just wonderful, I know I will grow more as I get better with the copics (I have ordered E000 and E0000 so my faces won't look so orange any more. Had a few problems with color running - especially the red and could not get it to clean up to my satistaction.

So if you have found me and wish to leave a comment, please feel free. It encourages me to do better each time.

Happy Memorial Day Tomorrow, Keep safe everyone...


  1. Hi Barb, I think you do a lovely job with your cards! I love the notecards and your coloring. Can't wait to see more. AngelaW

  2. Barb...these little note cards are just the cutest! I think you are doing a great job with your coloring and I love the extra details you did to the inside and the envelope. Can't wait to see more of your work!

  3. These are absolutely adorable, great job!

  4. Barb, those note cards are just too cute!! your coloring is wonderful! Thanks for sharing..Hugs..Jacque

  5. These are just so cute! I love each and every one of them. Keep up the good work, can't wait to see more.

  6. Oh Barb, these note cards are just too cute. Love all the colorings for them.

  7. These are absolutely adorable!! you did a marvelous job Barb.

  8. oooo....these are soooo CUTE!!! I love your doodling (I'm a doodler too) and your coloring is fantastic! What a lovely little set of cards!

  9. Barb, your note cards are wonderful! I also love the decoratove edge on the inside..nice touch.

  10. These are all Super Cute!!...what a great idea..and your coloring of these little Cuties is Fabulous!!..Hugs, Ila

  11. Barb
    These note cards are adorable. What a nice gift this would be!
    Sharon L

  12. Hi Barb,

    What awesome little note cards!!!
    Each one is perfect. Your colouring is fantastic. What a treasured gift these will be for someone!

  13. Oh Barb, your note cards are so adorable. Great job with these and I love your coloring! Hugs, Cami

  14. Absolutly gorgeous cards Barb,love every single Tilda image you have picked - amazing coloring,
    Take care

  15. What wonderful notecards. I love them. Thanks for the ideas.

  16. Barb, your note cards are wonderful. And you do a wonderful job in colouring the images.

    Norma xx

  17. These are such darling note cards! Great insides too! Really like the depth of your coloring. Hugs

  18. I love using the Copics too. They are about the only thing I use any more, they are great and your colors are nice too. I like to use E0000, E00 and E11 on my faces, they blend really well. Beautiful Card, thanks for sharing.


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