Monday, May 25, 2009

Memorial Day - all's well that ends well.....

Today was such a busy day. We drove out to Mother Neff State park for a picnic outing with our Life Group and there was so much activity taking place (and I forgot the camera, even after making two trips back to the house before we got two blocks away)! Well, I still got some pictures, but after bath time when everyone was ready for bed. Brielle is in pink on the left, Josslyn in purple on the right.

The girls are so very tired and are so ready for bed. They've had a bath, are in their JoJo's and ready for that bed time bottle. They are just 2.5 weeks away from turning One Year! What a milestone. We've had them in our care since they were just 4 months old. They've grown so much and can now sit unassisted, feed themselves Gerber Puffs (still no teeth) they whistle all the time, play peek-a-boo, clap their hands, and hold their own bottles. They also enjoy juice from a sippy cup. They entertain each other all the time. I can put them on the floor for an hour or so and they will get each other laughing, play with each other, pass toys back and forth, but mostly Josslyn takes toys from Brielle who then wails her indignation and looks to me to bail her out.

Each girl has this pink checked blanket and we're sunk if we go anywhere without it. Even in the heat of the day today they would not fall asleep in the stroller until I gave them their "blankie" They love to have them up at their faces or they roll onto their tummies to sleep on them. So sweet!

THE BOY! What a crackerbox he is! Just when we thought he was over the terrible twos he has retreated into that "NO" stage all over again. He refuses to do what you ask him to do, he won't smile AT ALL when you want him to. It's all about control for him and of course it gets worse when he's tired (or when we're tired). His little mind is ticking all the time, and he's usually one step ahead of us old folks.

This face!!!! Oh my! It is so defiant, but sooooo loved. Thank goodness he has a personality and it not a little robot - though there are times.....

Earl and Lisa will be back in country around the middle of June. They will get to celebrate the babies first birthday and then head off on a short few weeks trip to visit with family. We are talking about it all the time to Jordy now, but the girls don't quite understand. I know the parents are very excited about being back in the USA - even if it's only for a couple of weeks, but that also means their turn of duty is half way through. I know they're counting the days until December, and we are holding the children all the more tightly knowing that our days with them are also shorter. It's going to be a hard transition. I will need lots of prayer!


  1. Those kids are so lucky to be SO LOVED!

  2. Happy Memorial Day, Barb! Firstly I must apologize, I have been so busy and I'm afraid I haven't been able to keep up with your blog. But I'm here now, and I'm so glad that you all had a fun time today. I bet you're tired!!! The girls are just so adorable. I could just kiss them & hug them to pieces!! hehe Jordan is such a cute little boy & I bet he's a handful right now, & thank goodness it's just a phase! phewy! I am sending lots of prayers your way, I know it will be hard when Lisa is back & has the kids for a few weeks. You love them so much & are so attached. You will be ok tho, cuz you know they need time with each other. I sure have so much respect & admiration for you & Bill. You are just two selfless, wonderful, wonderful people!!! Love you!!! huggies to the kids!

  3. :-) the children are so cute.
    thank you for sharing those pictures

  4. These kids are just SOOOOoooo cute. I just feel like giving them a bear hug!


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