Friday, January 2, 2009

Some holiday time...

Sleeping babies are just the sweetist things. I don't ever put the babies down for a nap in the same bed. One usually goes to sleep and the other plays for a while, waking the sleeping one. But on this day, they were down together watching the mobile and they fell asleep. They love to have their blankets around their faces when they sleep. They will hold a piece of blanket in their hands. Putting the blanket close to them is their signal to sleep and they usually drift off pretty quickly. Here they just were too tired to stay awake. When I found them asleep I put the blanket over them and they slept for a good hour like this.
I have take tons of pictures of Jordan in the bath. He's the bath king! The more bubbles the better. The girls however are still in the baby tub as they're not sitting up yet. It's just so much easier on my back to have them up at the kitchen sink. Here is Josslyn who decided that sitting up was much better than lying on her back. They are wanting to be in a sitting position more and more, so I guess after they get the rolling over down pat that will be next.

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  1. I'm so happy that U were able to get a pic of those two sweet lil sisters snoozing together!! What a great scrapbook page that will be someday!!! Joss is doing super with sitting up!!! You are such a good Grammie :)


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