Monday, December 29, 2008

Two sets of twins - kind of...

I have to explain this. The little blonde kid in the following pictures is my grandson, Kyle. He is just one month younger than Jordy. For Christmas my son-in-law took my daughter to New Mexico skiing and they asked if I would watch their youngest. Well of course I would! What a great opportunity to get to know him a little better. So here I am for 5 days with two 2 1/2 year olds and two 6 month olds. Maybe you think I'm crazy, but it has worked out really well. Kyle and Jordan get along really well, and the fighting has been very minimal.
To keep them busy on Saturday, my sweet man had them out in the garage with him while he was rearranging all his "stuff".

This might sound strange for two years olds, but they actually take turns at doing something together. Here, it was climbing the ladder. Grampie let them climb to the top and come back down and then the other had a turn. They actually did this for about 20 minutes. It was great to have them outside, (and as you can see they are both wearing shorts. The weather started out being so warm and then a cold front moved through and I had to put them in long pants with long sleeved shirts)they played hard, riding their bikes, climbing, and getting into places they weren't supposed to go. They were like whirling dirvishes in the house. (Calgon take me away)

So when they got bored with that, and with just being outside, Kyle and Jordan found the doggy door the most interesting toy in the whole world. They crawled in and out for a short time, but were winding down. So, when that grew old, they decided to play hide and seek in my pantry, helping themselves to some goodies along the way. Grammie scooted them out of there and didn't even take a picture! What was I thinking?

They decided to move into the house with all their energy - which they didn't leave outside - but they had an old tape measure to play with. They spent the good part of the afternoon with one holding the large end and the other running down the hall with the tape and letting it go. This brought wild shouts and whoops, which gave Grammie a bad headache. But boy they had fun...

The girls had a wonderful time just watching all this activity and put in their two cents worth for a while. Mostly they just wiggled and kicked and smiled and laughed. It was a long day, and when bedtime arrived, with some missing of his mommy, we managed to get all four children down. They we fell exhausted into bed ourselves. I'm very thankful that God didn't give me two sets of twins to raise.


  1. Wow oh wow what fun they are all having....That doggie door gave me such a laugh as it must have been a real delight watching them....Together!!!!

  2. Holy cow, you justcan't stop with 1, huh? have to have 2 sets!!! hehe
    You're amazing!

    You can certainly see that the boys are having a blast together, but I think the girls were having even more fun, just watching! hehe I can almost hear their giggles and squeals!!! They look sooooo very happy!

    I hope you have recovered!!! hugs to you!!


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