Friday, January 16, 2009

The girls have graduated!

The girls have graduated from their baby bath tub to the kitchen sink. They're not sitting up on their own as yet, so we still have to keep a firm hand on them. When they're slippery as eels that's no easy task. Here is Brielle. Bill came and took this picture. As you can see she is just delighted to be in the "big girls tub". They love to watch the water from the faucet and will reach for it.

Since Bill was busy bathing Jordan at this point and Brielle was in her crib watching the mobile, I grabbed the camera, propped Josslyn up at the back of the sink and quickly snapped this picture. She was sliding across the bottom, even though we put a towel down. Maybe need to invest in one of those rubber sink liners to keep them from becoming projectiles!

The weekend is coming up tomorrow and we are planning to take them to "The Jumping Party" if at all possible. No big deal for the girls, but wonderful way to burn off Jordan's energy. He is finally taking interest in TV. He wants Dora or Diego, and becomes bored very quickly with other programs. His attention span is still pretty short and he jumps around to play with cars or get into trouble. Maybe that's good. I sure don't believe in kids who sit and watch endless hours of TV, though there are times when I wish he would watch more than just 5 minutes. SIGH!!

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  1. ahhh soi cute, my little guy does not fit in out sink


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