Friday, December 12, 2008

Guess what we did tonight?

Hi Mommy and Daddy. Guess What? We went to a Pajama Party tonight! Well, it was really called Parent's Night Out and we went to the church, but we had FUN!
Here we are all loaded up in the car and on our way. Grammie and Grampie were very excited to get an evening to themselves, NO KIDS, dinner and a movie, grown-up talk and everything!

I got to go to the bigger kids class with other bigger kids. We played and put stickers onto paper, and Grammie said mine were beautiful. On the way to the church we saw lots of Christmas lights and they are so pretty.
Josslyn and I got to have our pictures taken with Olga, the head worker in the nursery. She told Grammie that we were the most precious babies in the nursery, and of course, that's true!
I'm Josslyn just incase you get us confused. We had a wonderful time at Parent's Night Out! Have a safe journey tomorrow mommy, we'll be praying for you...we love you so much mommy.
xoxoxoxoxoxoxo Jordan, Brielle and Josslyn


  1. Oh my Barb the kids look so warm and cozy... Hope you got to have a wonderful night out... Maybe got to eat with two


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