Sunday, December 14, 2008

A busy but very fun weekend!

We have had a very busy weekend, starting on Friday night with Parents Night Out. Then on Saturday we were off to a Christmas party for the foster parents and kids of Arrow Child and Family Ministries, the agency we foster with. Although we are inactive during this next year, we will jump right back in when Jordy and the twins leave. Here are some pictures of us enjoying a very fun evening with lots of activities and lots of food.

Bill and Jordan...

Jordan in one of the Jumping thingies...

Barb and Brielle

All of us together...

Sunday's activities included Church in the morning, lunch with our neighbor's, and we forgot to take pictures. Barb went Caroling with some of her Bible Study ladies in the late afternoon, no pictures of that either, then we wound up the day with a Christmas party over at our Life Group leaders home. Lots and lots of kids, food and plain old fun! Now we are all tired out and ready for the new week to arrive.

We received a phone call today from the kid's mom. She has arrived in the Middle East though she wasn't in Afghanistan yet. She sounded so exhausted and so sad that it made me cry. She will be spending Christmas without her husband (he leaves on January 10), without the children, and no close friends or family. Our hearts are breaking for this sweet couple as they face a very difficult year. She wasn't sure when she would be able to call us, if at all. Doing our Web Cam conferences almost every night has been her life line with the kids. Now we don't know when she will be able to contact the children again. Please be in prayer for Earl and Lisa. They are making a huge sacrifice for this country.


  1. Barb,

    I'd love to get Lisa's snail or email address to send her little notes while she is gone.

  2. Now this place looks like fun.... I want to play

  3. I fall deeper into your blog every time I enter it - so glad I did. Love your cards and absolutely adore the pictures of the kids! Sandy


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