Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Our crazy household...

Tonight while I was doing up the dinner dishes, I had the girls in their bouncer seates in the kitchen. They were babbling away, and I would keep turning around from the sink to talk to them. We were having a good time, but they grew tired of it all and I had to quickly finish up so that they could have their baths and get ready for bed. This afternoon Josslyn slept for two hours, while Brielle slept for four! Amazing. I think that the time change may have unsettled them a little. We've been up several times in the night with each of the three children, and we're feeling pretty tired.
I so wanted to get a good picture of the three children together, but alas, it's like nailing Jello to the wall. One would look at me, Jordan would jump up and leave and the other would look away. Finally my wonderful husband stepped in and made Jordan sit down. But it was hard to get the girls to look at the camera at the same time...oh well, their normal kids! Josslyn is wearing the brown onsie with the pink polk-a-dots while Brielle is wearing the pink onsie with the brown polk-a-dots. Brielle has the sweet gold bracelet on her arm.

We went for a long walk today and the girls seemed to enjoy it. Our dog sure did. He hardly ever gets out of the yard these days, so he was very eager the whole time. Jordan is now in day care everyday and seems to be doing very well. It's so much easier for me to handle just the babies during the day. He was very bored being at home, with no other kids to play with and just me to entertain him.


  1. I'm so glad that you are able to continue to blog. The kids look like they are doing great!

  2. Amazing picture, at-last they all did look and the pictures are amazing, DayCare too wow Barb I would hire someone to do the dishes or live on paper plates... You even found time to post.... You go Girl!!! lol

  3. it has been awhile since i have gotten a chance to check in on and your husband are VERY special people..looks like you have your hands full..what amazes me the most is how much the childrens parents are giving up for those of us who live here in the US to help us keep our rights that we have and keep our nation safe..glad they have someone a wonderful as you to take care of their precious little one while they protect please tell the from one of the millions that they are serving for THANK YOU and i know that it not enough..glad you are blogging witht the kids pictures so often..because as you know they are changing and growing daily and as a parent i couldn't image not seeing my little ones for a whole year..sorry so just moved me

  4. Ah yes when we cannot stamp, we can take pictures. The children are very lucky to have you and your husband. They are so darling.
    Take care
    connie paxman

  5. Hi Barb & Bill..Those 3 kids are so beautiful! I am so happy that you are taking lots of pictures so their Mom & Dad can jump online when they can to see their precious little babies. Once again, I have to say, you are amazing & the love & kindness that fills your heart knows no boundries. Thank you for what you are doing for them and a big
    THANK YOU to their parents for doing what they are doing to keep us all free.


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