Thursday, November 6, 2008

They get cuter every day...

After a fun day at Mother's Day out, Josslyn (here in yellow)and Brielle (in pink) did some playing together in the crib. They are beginning to notice each other now when they are placed together, and will smile and laugh and touch each other. Since it was such a beautiful day, and they weren't interested in going for a nap -even though I was- I thought I would take them for a walk in the stroller. In this picture they look quite different from each other, or maybe I'm just getting more able to tell them apart without looking for the bracelet, LOL!

We had a good walk, with many stops along the way to put pacifiers back into mouths, or just to let them see that I was actually there, since they cannot see me when I'm pushing them. The dog needed to make several stops also. About half an hour into the walk they fell asleep and I didn't want to waken them to bring them into the house so I left them in the stroller. Since it was late afternoon and the temperature was beginning to drop a little I covered them with blankets. They slept like this for about 30 minutes, just enough time for me to finish up my Blogger's Challenge project for tomorrow and get some potatoes baking for dinner.


  1. What could be more peaceful than sleeping babies?! They are precious!

  2. Oh My they are just to darn cute!! When do you find time to stamp/ LOL

  3. Barb- what a wonderful life you are having! Your pictures today are making my eyes misty.... bringing back memories of my sweet twins when they were that age- one would stretch out, and put their finger in the other's face, and the other would suck the others finger...... it was precious. Then, my son figured out how to walk, and the boy in him came out- he would steal the toy my daughter had and run off- she walked almost 3 months later than him- it was pure torment for her for those 3 months too! I'll have to get pictures out. You and your husband are angels to these kids- and their parents. Oh- I cannot wait to see what you made for the bloggers challenge tomorrow.

  4. Oh wow! Those cuties really look like a mirror image of each other in the first photo!


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