Saturday, October 25, 2008

Just Chillin'

I have to say things are going really well around our house. It's wonderful to have my hubby home on the weekends, he is the best! He got up earlier than I did this morning and got the babies and Jordy fed. I had a wondeful and much needed LONG night of sleep. He played with the kids while I stripped all the beds, remade them, picked up the little messes that children seem to make and got the laundry started. Then he gave me two hours to go get my nails done. When I got back home everyone was asleep!

Here's a photo of Jordy and Brielle just chillin'out in the kitchen. Because we have always had Jordy by himself in the past, he is having a little difficulty sharing us with the twins. So his jealousy is usually played out by wanting to do whatever they are doing. When I brought the Bumbo chair into the kitchen for Brielle to sit in, Jordan ran into the living room crying "Chair, chair" and promptly brought in his new pint sized Papa San "Cars" chair and sat right down beside her. My wonderful, amazing man was busy washing out the bottles and cleaning up the breakfast dishes. Look at this boy's amazing eyelashes! Ladies, we would all be in seventh heaven to have lashes like his!

All three children are asleep right now, so I'm going to go fold laundry. DH as gone to check our a swing set someone at Church has offered us for free! Can't turn that kind of a bargain down....


  1. They all look so darn cute in the chairs, and that baby chair is something else...

  2. Ohhhh how cute!!!They really are just chillin!! Those chairs are almost as cute as the kids!!


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