Friday, February 13, 2015

One little, two little, three little bookmarks and MORE!

Hello dear stamping friends.  
Many of you know that I volunteer with the after school mentor/tutor program our church hosts for some neighborhood children.  One of the sweet kids I mentor/tutor is a delightful fifth grader who absolutely LOVES to read.  She LOVES books about horses!  So got the brilliant idea to make her a book mark.  Well, I also have several other sweeties as well, and I couldn't not include them, right?  You can see where this is going, right?  Yup!  I had to make one for each little girl in our program.  Seventeen in all!  But wait, there's more!  The boys want a book mark too!  Oh, and I forgot that on Wednesdays, we have a small group of deaf children that join us! 

 I'm taking a deep breath right about now.

So I have been so busy making corner book marks for the girls and using Magnolia Minis on them.  I got so caught up in the fun of this project that I failed to take pictures of the first 11 that I made.  They're gone to the children now and I know they won't want to give them up so that I could take a photo.  SO, here are the last of them.  I am doing something totally different for the boys! I also went to a second hand book store and bought every "horse" story book I could find.  I donated them to our program so now everyone can read horse stories without having to wait for a book to be come available. 

I really had fun creating these and it really got my Mojo humming trying to make each one look different from the others.  Here are a few pictures...enjoy!
This is the whole set (missing the first 11)

Two of our kiddos are identical twins.  One of them wears glasses.  They can fight it out as to who gets what color.  I'm not taking up that torch, thank you very much! The image is #3091 Gemini Tilda
Here I've used #3076 Tilda with Cross Necklace.
Several girls wanted one with a pony.  That was the first one I made because my student was reading Black Beauty.  So I made a few more using #A4 Tilda with Angel the Horse.
One child requested a pony one but she wanted a brown horse and a red jacket.  She got it!
Here is #A10 Tilda with Inez the Bunny.  Nice and bright just like the recipient.
Another volunteer asked if I would make one for her grand daughter.  Well of course!  She loves dragons.  I hope she'll like this one  This is #A7 Tilda with Dexter the Dragon.
Finally, here is #A8 Tilda with Elsie Lamb.
Now, I need to get busy and make some much more simple, guy type book marks for the boys.  I won't be doing any coloring on theirs. 

Thanks for stopping by for a visit.  Your sweet comments are always appreciated =)

Blessings and hugs,

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