Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Crimped Diamond Tutorial

Hello all, here is a tutorial showing you how to create a Crimped Diamond Card for yourself.  There are quite a few photos as I didn't want to leave out a single step.  I hope you find the directions clear and easy to follow.

For this kind of card you will need the following:

I piece of cardstock cut 4 1/4 x 11 for the card itself
1 Piece of colored cardstock cut 4" x 5 1/4".  This is the piece that will go through the crimp-er
Several pieces of colored cardstock which coordinate/contrast
1 piece of cardstock which will be used to stamp and color the image on.  I have used Cryogen White.
A scoring device
Ruler and pencil
Embellishments to  finish your card

Step One:
Mark the 4 x 5 1/4 piece of cardstock with a pencil at 2 5/8" on both long sides.  Mark at 2" on each of the short sides.
 Line up one of the 2 5/8" mark and one of the 2" marks in the scoring tool as shown above. Score a line between these two marks.  Turn your card and continue to score a line between all four pencil marks.  Your will have created a diamond shape with the score lines. See the picture below.

Step Two:
Fold on the score lines so that you now have a piece shaped like a diamond.

Step Three:
Fold the two top corners together into the center and place the point created into the crimp-er.  Begin to turn the crimp-er handle so that the card moves through it.  Stop just as you get past the edges of the card.  Remove and repeat with the opposite side.  I found it makes a better impression to run each point back and forth once or twice to ensure that you are getting a strong crimped pattern.

This is what your piece should look like now.  You can use this piece either this was or turn it over.  Each side gives a slightly different edge to the folded edge.  I would call this the back side, but I found I liked the roped appearance of the folded edge.

When you flatten this piece out you may find it to be uneven on the edges.  I simply put it into my paper cutter and took very thin cuts to even those out.

Step Four:

I made a template of the diamond shape in the center so that I could get exact measurements for each layer of the center diamond.
  I measured and folded this piece of typing paper to make sure I was getting it right.  You can see that across one way of the diamond measure 4 5/8" while the other side is 3 5/8".

Step Five:
Using your template, draw the pattern onto your first layer of the diamond.  Here I used Chocolate Chip. You will cut this piece 1/8" smaller than your drawn line. 

Then using this new piece as a template draw around your next layer of cardstock.  Here I've used Tempting Turquoise.

Repeat this exact same method  of cutting 1/8" smaller than the lines you drew, using your turquoise piece as a template to cut a smaller piece of card stock that you will stamp your image on.  Adhere the first two layers together.

Now you are ready to stamp your image and color it and piece the card together.  I put my crimped piece on some Chocolate Chip card stock and added some pearl accents in turquoise.

Here is my final product....

Here is a close up of the image I masked together.  #426 Trees in a Row and #3016 Tilda with Mouse Peanut.

Have fun with your project!

Many blessings and hugs, 


  1. Love your card and the tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  2. OH! thi is soooo pretty! I love the effect of crimpling paper, especially on kraft color. Gorgeous image! Hugs.

  3. Gorgeous card, Barb.
    Thanks for the Tutorial as well!
    Big Hugs


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