Tuesday, June 3, 2014

More Post It Notes -the last!

Well this is the last of the Post It Note Holders I made. Lots of pics here, hope you don't mind.....I have tried to cluster them together, but my technical skills leave much to be desired. Anyhoo, here they are...
A 13 Tilda with Millie Mouse

A14 Tilda with Nestor the Bull
A12 Tilda with Maggie Monkey

A3 Tilda with Daiseymae Tiger
A6 Tilda with Cockadoodledoo Rooster

A21 Tilda with Lacy Pants
A 10 Tilda with Inez the Bunny
A11 Tilda with Leo the Lion
A9 Tilda with Fizzy the Snake

That the final 9 of the 20 I made.  These images are wonderful to color.  I truly hope that you will head over to Magnolia-licious store and order yours before they are all gone.  As always, Diana's service is second to none.

Hope you've enjoyed seeing this project.  I look forward to your comments.

Enjoying the journey,
Many Blessings,

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