Monday, January 2, 2012

A little house cleaning in my craft room...

I have been a busy beaver lately. After a little chat time on Skype with my BFF Paola in South Africa, I was very motivated to do a little revamping of my crafting space. She has posted some pictures of her wonderful new craft studio and if you're interested in seeing it you can check it out here. Everything is rearranged but now I need to get into some of my drawers and start reorganizing the contents of those. Here are a few pictures of my rearranged space...

This is where I sit and watch TV and get creative. On the right hand side you can see I have moved my stacks of DVD cases holding all my Maggies.

Right behind where I sit is my sewing table. I can just wheel my chair around to my sewing machine and work on a sewing project or sew on a card...

To the right hand corner of the room I still have my shelves and ribbons hanging out, my computer and printer, a box of charms. I only lost one short shelf, but I've found good space for everything thing including my beading materials.

This is the door where you walk into my space and now the back table is cleaned off to make space for my cutter and die cutting machines. The CD's stacked on the right hand corner contain all my dies. The big cabinet has slide out shelves which store my punches and tons of stuff. I need to get into that cabinet yet and organize everything - another day perhaps.

I collect Snowmen and rather than put everything up in the attic to store until next Christmas I decided to use the two top shelves, which I can't reach without my trusty little step stool. The bird houses are both gifts that I received a few years ago and there are a couple of non-snowman related projects up there too, but for the most part it's all snowman.

Well that's it for me for today. I'll be back again tomorrow with another post of a project I made using the Faber Castell pencils. It's not a Maggie, but a Mo Manning image. Please drop back again to see what I've been creating.

Blessings and hugs,


  1. Barb, Your room is so neat and organised! Looks like you have everything under control to start a wonderful year of creating
    Hugs Julie P

  2. It always feels good to reorganize. Your space looks great!


  3. Looks lovely! I really need to clean my space. Making Christmas cards made a mess and I haven't had time to clean up.

  4. Hello Barb, I love what you did in your craft room, I dream of doing something like this one day, when I have awhole room to me! not a squatted living room! and I am looking forward to see your card tomorrow, you tried the Faber Castel, did you like them?

  5. OMGoodness Barb!!! I love your craft room I wished that I had that much room.
    It's so nice to have your collection of snowmen out where you can enjoy them the year round.
    Wishing YOU and your FAMILY the very best in the NEW YEAR
    Hugs Linda

  6. WOW You did a great job.
    Nice your craft room and your collection of snowmen soooo cute.
    Hugs Astrid

  7. Wow, nice room!!! I'd die if I had that many Maggies!!! Lucky girl you are!

  8. What an awesome crafting area, Barb!!! Maybe next January I'll have a whole room for mine too! LOL! But right now, I'm totally envious! :) Thanks for sharing and I'm ready to come play for the day! :)
    hugs, Sharon


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