Sunday, January 22, 2012

Cheeky kids in Tilda Shirts...

I finally got some time to take pictures of the girls in their new shirts. I have used #259 Kneeling Tilda. I thought this image was perfect for the girls. Following my pictures is a copy of a post I found on I Like Markers blog. Her information is great....

AS always, Josslyn is wearing the green shirt and Brielle is in pink...

The following is a direct copy of what I found on her blog...

Copic On Fabric
People ask me frequently if you can use Copic markers on fabric. The answer is YES! They look great on fabric. A few things to consider:

1. Red inks will bleed when washed, so either use colors besides red (or brown since it has red in it) or only work on projects that won't be washed.

2. No need to heat-set, the markers are permanent

3. The markers will bleed out as you color with them since fabric is so absorbent. To avoid this just heat up the fabric before coloring and the alcohol will evaporate quicker, causing less bleed.

4. For a fine line you can use Copic Multiliners, however, those do need to be heat-set.

5. Don't airbrush on fabrics, since the dye doesn't soak down into the fibers enough.

6. ALWAYS work with scratch paper under your fabric.

When Stamping on Fabric to be colored with Copics:
Try using Brilliance Ink, Heat-set for best results. Sherrie Siemens has done many projects on fabric with Copic markers, so check out her blog for more examples.

Otherwise, enjoy playing with Copics on fabric! I have a couple pairs of jeans I've drawn on and I love how the markers look.The photo above is from a scrap of white cloth that dyed with Copic inks, then I went in with the colorless blender and added drops and swirls in for texture. I made this about 4 years ago, so I don't know what colors I used, regular cotton fabric (though any fabric works).


  1. Thanks for the info!!!!! I would like to try this sometime!!!! By the way Love the look of your blog too!!!!!

    1. Thanks for the tutorial Barb!! Very helpful and your little models are so adorable!!!



  2. Very nice Barb!!! Those girl's are so darn cute in their new hand painted shirts!!


  3. Your adorable little Divas! They look so cute in their Tilda shirts. You do the most wonderful job coloring on fabric. and your models are just too sweet!
    Sue S.

  4. Wow! Barb, the girls look amazing in their Tilda Tshirts. Fantastic work my dear. You are such a talented lady.
    Suzi x

  5. The shirts are lovely, Barb, and thank you for all the info on coloring on fabric. I would love to try this some day. The girls look so cute in their Tilda shirts!
    Hugs, Cami

  6. Wow Barb, you're doing brilliantly with the fabric. I love the little t shirts just lovely
    Hugs Julie P

  7. The shirts are gorgeous!!!! Always something new and exciting on this blog!!!!! Keep inspiring us with your talent Barb!!!!! Excellent projects!!!!!

  8. WOW.....Barb, this is amazing! The girls look so cute in their Tilda shirts! Who would have thought?????? I had no idea you can use copics on fabric....brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hi Barb!
    I love these t shirts. They look awesome. The girls look so adorable. I was wondering how they would wash up. Wow! you would need to be so careful to get it right the first time. You are very clever and thanks for the tutorial. I have Promarkers but I guess they would work the same. (one way to find out).
    Hugs Maz

  10. These are wonderful shirts (and your models look beautiful!). You are definitely a pro when stamping on fabric! Awesome work!!!

  11. Barb I just love the image you chose for the girls shirts. They are absolutely adorable. They are so lucky that you have numerous talents and they get to reap the benefits. The girls are very pretty just like Tilda.

  12. The t shirts are awesome. Your models are adorable.


  13. Bard, the girls are adorable in their new Tilda shirts. What beautiful work you've done on fabric. I love the girl's hair--it is very becoming and Jordan is so handsome in his new style.

  14. Great Copic tip sharing Barb. How adorable of these shirt for the girls. Wow, the girls look much taller, but one thing didn't change is that they still look cheerful and happy. That's wonderful and thanks for sharing :o)

  15. Simply beautiful work Barb and the girls look so adorable in their shirts you did for them and they also look so proud.. They look so grown up... golly they are getting so big.. thank you for the instructions..
    Hugs, Jean

  16. Those are just amazing Barb! Could Brielle and Josslyn be anymore adorable! They are such dolls Barb!

  17. Very lovely Barb. perhaps one of these days... I'll have grand child! and will try this technique, I certainly would love to see my grand daughter in one of those little t-shirt. Too cute.

  18. Oh my goodness the girls are just tooooooooooo cute and the maggies are great too!

  19. You have two adorable daughters Barb. And the shirt are also very sweet. I still admire the way you did this.

  20. Barb, these little girls are precious! Love how cute they look in their shirts which are so beautiful. You did a fabulous job on them.

  21. Very nice Barb! The girls are so adorable and model their new shirts beautifully. Thanks for sharing all the info for coloring on fabric. You're so creative!!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  22. Oh wow. That's amazing! Cool idea and lovely girls you have :)

  23. You did a wonderful job on the girl's tshirts. Any mom would be proud to show them off.

  24. Oh Barb!!! This is so very sweet - aren't the twins so luck to have you in more ways than one!!
    We have been out of town and I have been sick, so am rather behind. Love the pictures of the twins!!!!!! Great design work. You should open your own Children's Line of Clothes!!!!!


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