Saturday, December 3, 2011

My First Smocking Project...

I have finally finished my very first smocking project - a little Bishop dress with matching diaper cover! I have lots of room for improvement, and there are many mistakes on this little dress, but I'm pleased with the end result.

I first started smocking in August of this year. I fell in love with this fabric and bought about 4 yards of it. At times I "un" smocked more than I smocked it seemed, but it finally came together. My final challenge was putting in the placket and doing the button holes! I was so afraid to start, but my friend Shirley came over to my house and we worked through it together! I learned so much by making this dress - it's a keeper! I will have to get busy now on finishing up a small romper! All this and card making keeps me very busy!

Detail of the neckline of my Bishop Dress...

The sleeve detail....

Never a dull moment at our house, we're hoping to put our tree up this week! And get some chocolates to put in my Magnolia Advent calendar which I made last year!

Thanks for your visit today...blessings and hugs...Barb


  1. Wow! I absolutely love smocking and this is just stunning!!! What a gorgeous dress...wonderful job!!!

  2. It looks great. The fabric is very pretty. I used to smock for my kids when they were little. I even did a couple of dresses for myself.

  3. What a delightful little dress. I used to love smocking when my eye sight was better. My husband and I fostered 26 babies before we left UK in 1964.
    Margaret M

  4. Holy Cow Barb!!!Your talent is amazing! What lovely detail in the smocking!! I can't imagine how much time that took. Your results are GORGEOUS!!! BEAUTIFUL!!!!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  5. Barb it is beautiful! Really sweet!!

  6. These beauties are rare around here. I love smocking and your's is so beautiful. I wish I could shrink my 18 year back to a baby so she could wear this. Great job!

  7. OH! Barb,such a lovely project. My grand mother used to do smocking, and I enjoyed doing it very much. Such a cute little set.
    Very beautiful

  8. Oh Barb you are so talented my friend!!!! So cute and what a wonderful gift idea!!

  9. This dress set is stunning. How I'd love to see a sweet little baby wearing this outfit. It's so delicate, and your smocking is perfect!
    Sue S.

  10. This one takes me back. I haven't done any smocking since my daughter was little. I love your sweet dress, the fabric is adorable, great job
    hugs Julie P

  11. Hi Barb, oh wow, this smocked dress is absolutely stunning. This type of dress suited my Kendall when she was a little girl! Well done and keep on going, it's beautiful! hugs Sharon

  12. This is beautiful! Brings back memories of my mom doing this when I was young ~ she was quite the seamstress and made all my clothes while I was growing up. She passed away in September. I think you did a beautiful job on this! Things like this are kinda becoming a lost art, so it's nice to see someone taking an interest and keeping it going.


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