Saturday, September 10, 2011

House Mouse...

I know I've posted the comings and goings of various critters in our house before, and I have another story for you. Some have met their doom in a not so kindly way, others, like grasshoppers, crickets and moths are well taken care of by our resident cat, and other, like this sweet little mouse, were captured and set free in our back yard. We told him he wasn't welcome back!!

I was preparing a crock pot of baked beans this morning (aren't I just so domestic) This was after my early morning foray to the Farmer's Market, where I picked up some locally grown fruits and veggies. While I was getting the ingredients together I noticed that my dog was having a fit in the dining room. Since we spotted a small garden snake in the girls closet yesterday (we couldn't corner him at all and he's disappeared until another time) I kind of thought that's what the dog was upset about. So I told my hubby and he got our high powered flashlight and started looking. It became obvious that the critter was behind our hutch, which would have to be moved away from the wall to be checked out. Low and behold, there, crouching under the hutch was this little mouse. My daring and dashing hubby decided that he should be captured live and let go outside.

When he tried to corner him the little munchkin ran a hundred yard dash lightning fast and ended up on the top of one of our dining room chairs. He eased himself across the rungs of the chair to perch on the top. He was so delighted to stay still and pose for a couple of pictures!

Here he is crossing the bar....

I came, I saw, I conquered...

After his wild flight and skill testing climb he decided to just rest for a few minutes to catch his breath...

Well, hubby went out to the garage and got his big heavy work gloves on and actually managed to catch the blighter and put him in a box for removal. At that point we told the children we had captured a mouse and they got to see him in the box.

We held the box open in our field and fast and lightening he was gone over a pile of bricks and away. The kids were afraid he was going to run back out of the bricks and backed up warily.

So how has your Saturday been so far? Gosh I wonder WHERE that little snake is???




  1. so glad you didn't kill the poor thing and set him free it is a great story and what great pics too

  2. Ummmmmmmm, maybe you should consider building an Ark, Barb! He is such a cute little rodent! Your photos are fantastic. Love the story. As for the snake, maybe he found his way out the way he came in, LOL.


  3. So sweetie, i must smile at you foto's and the story is gorgeous hihi.
    Hugs Astrid

  4. When I read just the title of your posting I thought you had made a card with the image of a House Mouse stamp...LOL.
    Hope you're feeling better.

  5. Hello Barb! I thought the same as Norma I was expecting a card with house mouse! LOL. This cute little thing... however, I can understand why it is not welcomed in the house. Gosh... is it full moon that is attracting "critters"? I had a skunk in my front yard, righ under the window where I work... I won't talk about the smell. Then, I went in the back cause the dog was kind of upset... what do you know 3 racoons... ouf. It was my lucky night.

  6. Hi Barb!
    I hope you re lot better today. Not nice having a flu.
    what a cute little mouse. I love the photo's.
    Now snakes...yes I have had one of those inside. My brave hubby removed it for me. It wasn't venemous thank goodness.
    Hugs Maz

  7. This might be my favorite post of yours ever!! What a cute little critter!!! Thank you for the pics and for sparing his life!!!

  8. I thought it would be a House Mouse Card too! This is so cute Barb and you know how I like mice!!!

  9. Okay, okay... how nice of you to spare his little life, HOWEVER!!! I would NOT have been so nice about the snake... little critter or not... I am TERRIFIED of them and couldn't have rested until it was found and disposed of!! You are waaayyyy too nice!!Haahahaah!!!! But I am serious about the snake..... :o)

  10. Mice, snakes, well glad its not fires.. so glad you are feeling better or are you?? at least you all have a sense of humor.. I would be on top of the table screaming at the top of my lungs... In Spain I had a mouse in my house and a friend (pregnant) had to come over and use the vaccum to get the mouse sucked up.. we put tape on the end of the vaccum and took the mouse to the hospital where my huspand was on duty and he let it go.. end of story .. no more mouse... I am deathly afraid of anything except cats and some little dogs.. LOL
    Hugs, Jean

  11. ewwwww....So glad he visited you instead of me. And he is too, as he would not have suffered such a good outcome at my house. Gives me the creepy crawlies just looking at the little bugger! LOL!
    Love and hugs!

  12. Oh Barb! At least rodents are cute...certainly cuter than snakes! ewwwwwww! hehehe! Your story cracked me up! How were the beans?! Hugs. Pat


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