Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Grand kids and a Twin card...

So what do these have in common? Well, nothing really, it's just high time I posted some pictures of the kids and I have made a card with a twin image on the front. I will post the card first and then get to the "grands".

I found the little "Two Peas In a Pod" charm at Hobby Lobby and I guess that was my jumping off place. Since the little twins we have in our care (who will be 3 next week! OMG!!) are bi-racial I thought I would do their skin darker (but I'm afraid I got it toooooo dark) They are really very light skinned.

Here is a close up of the little charm that was my inspiration...

and here is my card...

a side view of the card...

And a close up...

The inside - very simple and plain...

Now onto the grandchildren...

My daughter and her youngest, Kyle, came up on Memorial Day so that I could go and spend some time with hubby while he was lounging away at the hospital. When I got back we took the kids to Mickey D's for lunch and then dropped by Walmart to by a pool and slip'n'slide! It was a huge hit. My neighbor came over and blew up the pool for me with his handy little pump, but it was the slip'n'slide that was the big hit!

Here are a few pictures of the 'grand' day!

This is Kyle in the foreground, Jordan lying down and one of the twins (don't ask me which one, who can tell from this angle?)

Here is Kyle having a 'grand' slide!

Kyle and Brielle (I can tell who is who from this angle)

This is Josslyn - they love the gentle flow of water...

And finally - everyone in the pool. The ham is Kyle!

I so appreciate you coming by my blog to see the latest happenings in our household...



  1. Barb, love your twin card! What a sweet image, and you've colored it beautifully! looking at your pics of all the little fun! Have a great day!

  2. Barb, your card is absolutely adorable!! I love your coloring too!! HUGS

  3. Barb your twin card is adorable! Love this little image very much, always been fascinated by twins! So precious little charms, and fabulous inside.
    Lovely family pics! How fun, splish splash, doesn't take very much to play...

  4. Oh Barb!!!! That card is GORGEOUS!!!! I love the two and your coloring is over the top amazing! Love, the colors, the design, and that charm is utterly perfect!! Love it!!! And what cute pics. heehee...they look like they're having lots of fun! Hope you're doing ok, ladybug!!!
    love and hugs!

  5. Thank you so much Barb for sharing these precious pics. Wow those kids are having a blast!! I'm not so sure they'll ever want to leave your home. And....Your card is soooooo precious!!!! I love that charm and that stamp you used is amazing. Your coloring is Fantastic!! I too have twin 3 yr. old grandsons so this card has some EXTRA Appeal to me. What a Blessing!!! I gotta look for that charm and sure hope I can find one. Thanks so much for the inspiration!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  6. Gorgeous card Barb, not too dark at all, really pretty, and love the photos, what a great happy bunch of kids.
    Luv CHRISSYxx

  7. Pretty card and sweet charm on it too. Barb, it's nice to see the kids pictures. they are really growing and it's nice that you get to spend sometimes with your hubby. Hope he gets better and better everyday :o)

  8. That's it! I moving in! They just look like they're having the time of their lives!!
    I think your coloring on this image is spot on..and they way you squeeze all that cuteness into one incredible!

  9. Beautiful and sweet, thanks for sharing!
    hey, I have a giveaway here, please come and join in the fun!

  10. hee hee all the kids look like they are just having a blast!! Love the glitter on the card and that charm is sooooooooo cute!! Glad hubby is feeling all right. Probably getting sick of the hospital tho hey? Enjoy the rest of your weekend!! Hugs!

  11. So sweet Barb! Boy those cuties have gotten so BIG since I last saw pics of them! They look well-loved and looks like they were having a ton of fun!



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