Thursday, May 12, 2011

Oh what a day....

I will preface this by saying this has been a wild ride kind of week. We've gone from drought to savage rain and thunderstorms and flash flooding. Then on Tuesday I work up with a little stomach bug, but was quickly over that. Who has the time to stay down for long. I did stay in bed for the day as I was left rather weak, so Bill maned up and took over with the children. Then we noticed that Josslyn's eyes were quite crusty in the mornings and I suspected Pink Eye which a trip to the doctor yesterday confirmed. Plus she has an ear infection and was running a fever of 100.2. Now that one slipped by us, because she was just her usual energetic sassy self!

You may have to enlarge this picture to see the goop in her eyes and the pink around the edges...

By the end of the day I was exhausted so we opted for dinner out at the Golden Corral. All went well until it came time for ice cream. I decided to get them some hand dipped multi-colored stuff. They were eating it with their hands, gently picking out the M & M's that I had added to the mix. The pictures below will explain the whole thing.....

Brielle is on the left and Josslyn on the right. Believe it or not they weigh exactly the same and are the same height. At least we think, because Brielle wasn't very cooperative when it came time for the height chart.

Just look at their pants...that's not dinner, that's all ice cream....

Here's a view of the back...

As we left the restaurant there came a deluge and we were running for the car. Jordan ran full tilt (and what 5 year old boy wouldn't?) The pavement was very slick and he fell onto his knees and skidded about a foot. He came completely unglued, and I don't blame him. Those skinned knees can really hurt! He is always wanting me to blog things about him and so I grabbed my trusty camera and captured the wound! I didn't take a picture of the bandage I put on it, but it's huge and had white tape completely covering it. He said he and Grampy were boo boo buddies. He was delighted with the fuss we made over this scrape! Kids, go figure! Then the girls had to have a band aid also, and there's no point in arguing with them, just put one on and they're happy as larks...

Thanks for dropping in to see what the latest is at our's always chaotic, loud but definitely happy!



  1. Oh Barb! I just love hearing about the little ones!! Poor Jordan! Matthew would have lost it, too, but it's amazing how fast the recovery time is!! It's fun reading about them because they are about the same ages as my two grands!! Kaitlyn loves bandaids too!! Always!!
    Hope your week settles down a bit!!

  2. Barb, sounds like things are back to somewhat normal around your house. Pure Chaos! I remember the bandaid days well. When one gets a bandaid ALL must have bandaids :) Kids, aren't they something else? Hope you're hangin' in there and that all is well. I'm sure glad to see all your lovely creations once again and look forward to each and every one.
    Love to your family,
    Sue S.

  3. I bet never a dull moment in your home Barb! Those children are adorable and it sounds like you all had a great time out. Love these posts with the pics of the kids. Have fun you all!!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  4. The kids are adorable - but quite a handful I am sure. How in the world you do it Barb I will never ever know!!
    XO Sandy


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