Saturday, April 9, 2011

A busy week is now behind us....

This has been a busy week for us. The girls have played their hearts out and Jordan is learning by leaps and bounds now at school - and - he loves it! He also started swim lessons and is enjoying that with all the energy and gusto that a 5 year old contains. Maybe a little too much as he had to be timed out for a while for splashing another child when he should have been listening.

So here are some pictures of our rather busy week...

Last weekend Josslyn and Brielle attended a birthday party for a classmate at Parent's Day Out. This is how we prepared for the big celebration...

Our weather was cloudy and a little cool - but still shorts and bubble weather. Their mommy had sent the children each a bottle of colored bubbles and we had fun blowing and dripping the solution all over everything...

We bought our first Watermelon of the season and it was delicious. The girls couldn't get enough of this fabulous sweet delight and there was juice everywhere...but it was yummy.

Jordan began swim lessons at the Y this past Tuesday. Here he is with the instructor. He is absolutely fearless in the water...

My wonderful DH picked up some cheap goggles for the girls to play with. They love to wear them around the house and run around with their hands up over their heads and roaring like lions. It was hard to get them to stand still for this photo. Josslyn on the left, Brielle on the right...

Thanks to all who drop by to see our progression with these adorable and wonderful kiddos.



  1. Barb! Oh how I love reading about the kiddos and all the wonderful adventures!! Love the tootsies, don't little girls just automatically love being pretty? And Jordan is just like Matthew, they have better things to do than pay attention all the time!! LOL!! They are all wonderful and love seeing the pictures!! Have fun!!!!

  2. Those kids are getting cuter by the day Barb! I love seeing photos and reading about them!

  3. Love the pictures of the kids -- you are brave little the little ones blow bubble around your pretty van - I guess that is your van? Great shot of one of the bubbles!!!!!
    Keep those cards and letters coming!!
    XO Sandy


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