Tuesday, March 29, 2011

No expense...tons of fun...

The girls are so easy to make happy. They discover a roll of tape in my drawer by the computer the other day and now they help themselves whenever I leave the door to my studio open and they can come in. They know not to touch the stuff on my work table, but I've allowed them to play with the tape.

When I want them to be quiet they never are, but give them a little Scotch Tape and lo and behold!!!!

These first two pictures are of Josslyn...

Here is Brielle...

Happy kids...


  1. Oh goodness this is so adorable and I hope you send this to Josslyn and Brielle's parents and tell them this is what they do to themselves when you what them to talk!!! Know they would believe that one!!! Adorable pictures..
    Hugs, Jean

  2. They are lovely, Barb! You just gave me an idea. Maybe giving him the tape will keep him busy. He spent about half an hour the other day on a sheet of peel-offs from Echo Park, I guess with numbers and letters.
    My little one(he's 1 yr and 8 months old)touches everything if I forget the door open so I'd rather tie up his hands than cover his mouth:)) I just hope he'll understand some time soon...

  3. Hi ya Barb, love your card! Great coloring on her hair and clothes and, of course, everywhere else! What a couple of cuties those two are, just preicous!!!
    Judy K.

  4. Hahahaha! I need to try that! The things kids love :D

  5. Hahahaha!! Matthew always loved masking tape at that age! He could go through a whole roll making "traps" throughout the house!! And both kiddos still love tape!!! The pictures are adorable!!!

  6. LMBO!!! That's surely one way to get some quiet times! heehe!!
    hugs! Sharon

  7. who would have thought? Now i know exactly what to give my kids to play with while we are BUSY on skype, lol. Gotta love them, they are the sweetest little dolls

  8. They are so funny. I miss them.


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