Friday, March 11, 2011

Lots of help in my crafting...

Happy Friday from a very sunny and lovely Central Texas. I'm busy working on another project, fitting in the time when I can. This week is Spring Break for us so the school and Mother's Day Out are both closed. We've tried to fill the week with as many activities as we can. Unfortunately I never remember to take my camera with me, so no new photos of the children. I could slap myself upside the head!

But today while the girls were napping and Bill had taken Jordan to Walmart, I had a little time to get creative again and this is the result. Roxi, the cat we inherited with the children, loves to spend time with me. She sleeps on my table, or near the keyboard when I'm typing. She has the sweetest temperament and loves lots of love. We were concerned about how she and our dog would get along, but they are doing exceptionally well.

So, since I was in my studio and the camera was handy, I took a couple of pictures of my creative helper. Sorry for the not great photos, the sun was streaming in through my window giving me too much back light...

Here's Roxi...

Hope you enjoy and little stray from the norm....


  1. I adore! I am a cat lover, so these pictures are delightful!
    Hugs. danielle

  2. Ha! Ha! Ha! Your kitty is a very good copic artist!

  3. Oh I get the same help. Percy loves to steal my flowers when I am in the middle of trying to tack them down! Or insists a hug is needed in the middle of commenting...

  4. ha this is great I have two cats who do the same one has the name of terror jaap after a person in a tv show here in the netherlands who was bad real bad hahaha and she acts like him, right now she also is laying in the sunshine on my desk on my new card I am working ont with a face of try to go on fearther missie hahahahaha

  5. Cute stray from the norm!! LOL! But I have to admit, I clicked to enlarge the pictures to see what you were working on!!!! Can't wait to see it in a project! And are the stamped images your index? Gosh, I would love to come and play at your house!!!

  6. This is exactly what my desk looks like - I have my big gray cat laying here now just watching me work. a little cat hair on a card never hurt anyone!!
    You are doing better than I would be doing!
    XO Sandy

  7. ahhh, aren't you lucky Barb to have such a pretty creative helper :)

    Sounds like you had a super busy week. Enjoy some quiet time with Roxie. hehe :)

  8. Hey Barb, This looks like purrfect atmosphere to be crafting in. I too am a catlover but do not have a cat at this time. What really caught my eye was you Copic storage. I really like it!!!
    Your cat is adorable too!!
    Hugs, Cathy-Lynn

  9. Barb,

    You and Bill have such big hearts! Three children and a kitty to foster! WOW! Such a pretty kitty to help you. Do you by chance comb it? My Bill got a nice comb from Pet Co and uses it on our fluffy cat and it keeps the matting and excess down a bit. Plus she loves to be combed 3 times a day! Maybe your kitty would like it too. Just go really slow to introduce it to the comb...maybe just on its cheeks for a week and see if it will warm up to the idea.

    Love the professional Copic storage. Will need to get that when I finally get the whole set.

    Love and blessings, Martha

  10. cute card, I have a furry helper also! Makes it interesting trying to create sometimes but gotta love her.


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