Thursday, March 31, 2011

The "Darlin' Boy" turns 5...

Oh, what a long day this has been! We started out this morning taking the twins to a hearing specialist to test their hearing. Since their speech is a little delayed we thought it would be good to make sure they were hearing correctly. Josslyn flew through the test enjoying every minute of it. Brielle on the other had was frightened to pieces with the little animated animals that light up when she turned toward the sound. She climbed fight up my front and was heading over my head. We could barely calm her down and further testing was out of the question. They finally got her calmed down enough to take the test where they bounce sounds into her ear canal. What a stress-er this was for everyone. Both girls passed with flying colours! Hooray! Then they informed us that they would have to be on a waiting list for speech therapy and it probably wouldn't be until next fall! Wow! That won't do, so we contacted another clinic and they just need a Dr. referral to begin therapy.

After school Jordan arrived home to a table full of gifts for 5th birthday and a brand new bike.

This will be quite a long post with lots of pictures. We wanted to be sure to get lots of pictures for his mommy and daddy to see just how special his day was. We had a grand celebration with gift opening (or rather tearing into) lots of squeals of excitement, pizza and chocolate birthday cake. We just had to take the kids to the park tonight after dinner as the weather turned absolutely fabulous this afternoon. Besides which, Jordan needed a place to break in his new bike and helmet (we forgot the elbow pads at home and in the last few minutes of our time there he took a tumble and scraped his arm.) So here are the pictures of his wonderful 5th birthday...

Josslyn on the left, Brielle on the right playing hide and seek in my corner cupboards...



Fun at the park...

He peddled around the track about 7 times...

We came home to find our dog had gotten into the trash in our kitchen and spread it out all over the place. ARGHHHHHHH! The reason we have the lock on it is to keep the dog out, not the kids. In fact the girls are amazing little cleaner upper's. They love to throw things in the trash, including their earrings. We have a hard time keeping earrings in their ears, and they always come and tell me when they've done it. I guess their quite proud of their accomplishment.

Everyone is in bed and asleep...sigh....I'm ready for bed too!

Be back soon with more creations and more pictures of the kids...



  1. What an adorable family. Time goes so fast, I am glad you are enjoying each precious moment.

  2. Hi Barb!
    I love reading your little story. the children are so adorable. I see the twins wanted to help with the presents and Jordan looks like he loves his new bike.
    Hugs Maz

  3. Oh my gosh, what a way to start today!! The pictures are absolutely adorable!!! Happy Birthday to Jordan, what a cutie!! I'm sure Mommy and Daddy were so sad to miss this milestone, but know that they are in the best hands! The girls, holy cow, I could just eat them up! How cute where they are hiding in the cupboards!!! I laughed out loud!!!!! Very special times! Oh, and wanted to let you know, our Kaitlyn just wouldn't talk hardly at all, she was a little over two when they went on vacation and came back and she was talking like crazy! We worried about her hearing as well, but as my Mom said, She's just taking it all in.. and when it comes out... look out! And she was right!! LOL!!
    Sorry for the "book"!!

  4. Barb, another wonderful post of a day with the children. They are all adorable and I love hearing about your days with them.
    I had one child who was late talking but when he started, he talked in whole sentences almost immediately. He was very smart and made all A's from 6th grade through HS. He did well in college, too, until he met his wife in his senior year.

  5. So adorable Barb.. looks like you did a good job with the birthday party.. bet his parents will love the pictures... had to just lol at the story with the girls hearing tests!! Love Jordan's Bike.. He looked like he was having fun... Great "grandma" you are..
    Hugs, Jean


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