Sunday, November 21, 2010

These Mini's are just too much fun...

I've been working on several projects this weekend. I'm enjoying these little mini's so much. Here is a set of magnets I have altered using my mini's. I can't wait to get some more, as these are excellent for Christmas gifts to friends and neighbours...or even as a little "thank you" to someone who has done something special for you! All of these images are available from Diana at Magnolia-licious, but you may have to wait a while before they arrive.

So here they are...

Fairy Tilda...

Santa Edwin...

Starlight Tilda...

Snowy Hugs....

Also, I purchased at a Tuesday Mornings a cube which contains unsticky note paper. I cover all the sides with card stock and then colored three Tildas and punched them out and set them on each side....


  1. Dear Barb!!! You´re sure to be in love with those little stamps. They are so gorgeous!!!! and you did an amazing job with them!!! I wish I could color like you!!!
    Have a wonderful week!!!
    Love and hugs


  2. LOVE THEM Barb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Very very cute!!!
    hope you are starting to feel better dear!!! I think of you each day..
    hugs, Janiel

  3. Barb, your magnets are adorable, and would make an awesome little gift! Love the cube of paper, too! Will have to check out my Tuesday time do they close on Sundays? :)


  4. Hi Barb,
    Wonderful work once again.
    I had all these same ideas of magnets and tree ornaments to use with my mini's whenever they arrive. But you have beat me to it and yours are awesome :o)
    Can't wait to get mine!!
    Hugs, Candy

  5. How CUTE! I looove that paper tray...I'm such an office supply geek! Great work :D

  6. OMGosh! and I thought your little altered minis were too cute. These fridgie magnets are adorable!
    Sue S.

  7. These magnets are great! The minis are so cute -- I may have to get myself some for Christmas :)

  8. They look fabulous, Barb!!!! Love the mini fridge magnets and your paper cube is awesome! Awesome way to dress up your desk area!
    hugs, Sharon

  9. O Barb these are just too cute for words! And an awesome idea to make fridge magnets out of them!!! Lovingthe paper cube too. As always your colouring is sensational!
    Hugs Leonie

  10. Barb I just love your mini's! Always loved little things all my life. I will need to get some of these after Christmas! Love the magnet idea. Keep inspiring us all with your adorable mini's.

  11. Oh...oh..oh.. cuteness beyone cuteness!!! Love the magnets, but oh boy, do I love that note cube!! I think I will need to make a little trip to the store tomorrow!! Perfect!!!!!

  12. Barb, awesome idea! Each one is cuter than the one before! I cannot choose which one is my favorite. They are just the cutest! As usual, great work!


  13. Barb these magnets are so cute!!! Your fridge door will look so cute with them!



  14. Darling mini magnets, Barb! Hey......Maggie Magnets! LOL Cute, cute, cute!
    And the paper cube is a great idea! We can never be surrounded by too many Tildas! (& throw in an Edwin or two too....LOL)
    Huggies ~

  15. Top class Barb. Wonderful job.
    Can't wait to get some of these mini's.
    Hugs Maz


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