Tuesday, September 21, 2010


We're making progress! Today we went back to the Orthopedic surgeon and they removed the external fixative from my sweet mans leg! Oh the freedom! Oh the pain! You must remember that these screws were drilled directly through his heel and into this shin bone! It was excruciating for him. Especially the heel. I felt so helpless and he lay there sucking in his breath and sweat poured out of his body. But finally the rods and screws were out! Hip, hip, hooooooray! The bad news...he still can't bear weight until late November! He was so hoping that he Dr. would say that because the bones were healing so well, which they are, would mean he could start walking sooner. No dice! He still won't be able to put weight on it for another two months! Bummer :-(

But the boot will give him more freedom! He'll be able to sleep on his side for the first time in 7 weeks! That's awesome news! He can take the boot off when he sleeps, even more awesome, and he can now drive!!!! Oh woe is me! Watch out everyone!!!

So here is a picture of him in the boot! Now we have the tensor bandage to deal with for a few more days, but after that...here he comes...Now if they will just let him come back to work! The man is going stir crazy here at home with very little for him to do except watch TV (he doesn't read) and drive me crazy!

Everyone has been so supportive in the updates I've been posting. I can't tell you how much that means to me...to us!



  1. Barb, glad he is gettin better. 2 months will go by so fast. That it will be Thanksgiving and we will wonder what happened to the time. Good luck keeping him entertained. I think that will test both of your nerves.

  2. Hello Barb! It's good to hear that the healing process is progressing. I hope you are doing well too. Will keep on sending good vibes.

  3. Hi Barb...oh, I'm so glad your DH is do well. Can't rush the body...and healing after such a traumatic event is going to take a little time, as you know. Maybe you should teach Bill how to stamp images for you to color!! :-) Congrats on the progress...hang in there. Two months will fly by!
    Pat Frank

  4. So glad to hear the good news! I know it will be a relief to both of you. Time goes so fast it will be off before you know it.

  5. Well good for you both!!! What an experience. Sure makes a person appreciate when all is good! Maybe a little inky fingers would help him pass the time for the next two months or at least cutting out images for you!!! :)

  6. Barb I am so happy to hear of your great news...and how happy hubby does look to have some freedom of sorts. Your card is adorable !

  7. Look at that awesome smile!
    It is so good to hear he has had that stuff out! Oh my I feel so bad for the pain he went through.
    Hope the healing is leaps and bounds quick now.

  8. Hi Barb, So happy hear and see that your hubby is getting better. He is definietly on the mend. Maybe you should introduce him to some stamps and ink. Thomas Kinkade watch out. God Bless your family.

  9. I am glad to hear your hubby is improving. How is your sanity? Hubbies do not make good patients! I am keeping both of you in my prayers.


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