Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back in the Saddle again....

We arrived home from New York yesterday, Tuesday July 6, and oh what a wonderful time we had. We filled every day to the brim of being with our little adopted family. Jordan who is now four years old knew us instantly and we could hear him calling Grammy's here, Grampie's here before the door was opened. It took just a little longer for the twins to remember us, but once they did we were joined at the hip.

The weather was fabulous, the first few days being mostly cloudy, windy and cool! Coming from 100 degree in Texas it felt so refreshing to us... Then it warmed up by the weekend so that our plans to visit 1000 islands and take in the local sights was just perfect. Of couse, the days sped by and before we knew it we were driving away, in tears, Jordan wanting to come and live with us now, instead of having to wait until February. Then, we will take the children back with us for another 15 months or however long it takes.

So here are just a few pictures of our time with the kids. As you will see the twins are still so identical and hard to tell apart. For their birthday present we bought them new, more expensive earings, green for Josslyn and pink for Brielle.

Here are Josslyn and Brielle on our first day together...

We took them to a local school ground to play on the swings and slides - Jordy had a blast but the twins enjoyed running all over the field and pulling up grass.

Here we are enjoying the day at Old MacDonald's Farm. They got to touch lots of animals and to see new born piglets, bunnies, a baby goat and ride the pony...

After the farm, where we had lunch and ice cream, we went to Alexandria Bay which is on the St. Lawrence river. We enjoyed two boat rides and a trip to the Boldt Castle.

Here is Bill holding one of the babies, I can't remember who. They both took naps off and on during the day...Earl is sitting beside them.

One of the days we stayed close to home the children enjoyed playing in the pool and the girls just love their new picnic table. Our time was over with so quickly :-(

We are now counting the months until they come to live with us again...7 months to go...sigh!


  1. WELL THANKS BARB! Now i'm crying like a bay over here lol! They are so adorable and even in your post i can feel and uderstand the tremendous love you have for these children. I been waiting to hear an update can you tell lol!! THEY ARE SO BIG ALREADY!!!

    Did i miss something?? What happened too your foot ????!!I know i missed couple of your posts so i'm gonna go back and check on your art now. THANKS FOR THE UPDATE AND NO THANKS FOR MAKING ME CRY LOL!!((HUGS))RubyM:)
    are you ready for them again? It should be easier no? They look so big already ,wow!!

  2. Barb your adopted family is just wonderful. I am so glad that you got a chance to spend time with them. And I am really glad to be back with friends.

  3. Oh no! Mommy and daddy are being deployed again???? I'm so glad you get them again but this poor family!!!

    Looking forward to reading more Jordy and the twins adventures!

  4. Barb, Wow I too am in tears looking at the photos & reading about your trip and time together with your beautiful extended family. The children have grown so quickly, I can just imagine how quickly the time flew by. You & your DH are such special people and I'm sure Jordan is counting the days down too. Thanks for sharing, thinking of you and sending big hugs Jodie from Oz

  5. What a wonderful trip to catch up with those gorgeous kids Barb! They have grown such a lot since they left your care, thanks for sharing the photos and I'm sure those 7 months will pass in no time!

    Good luck with your upcoming surgery, hope it goes well.

    Hugs, Lyn

  6. Hello Barb, such an inspiring story! I must say I had a tear in my eye. Pictures are wonderful, there is so much love coming out of them, I could feel it from here. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Hi Barb,
    Wow, what a wonderful trip you had! The photos are beautiful and the children look so adorable! I agree, there is a lot of love coming out of them:-)
    Thank you for sharing!
    Big Hugs,
    Silvie from France

  8. Barb, I just popped in to see how you have been. I am sorry it has been awhile my friend. So much "life" going on here. I see you have some news! So much for that craft room of yours. LOL! I can't believe how big the children have gotten. Gorgeous all of them. I can only image how much you have missed them. Are you ready to put your running shoes on again? Do their parents have to serve overseas again? What a rough life for them all.
    I hope this note finds you well my friend.

  9. Oh Barb!!! Great big hugs to you, sweetie! I know exactly how you feel. Your love for those babies just seeps from your posts and emails. I know your heart is aching so bad right now, and I wish I could say something that would make you feel better. Just know that I know how you feel, and am sending you tons of hugs.


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