Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Our Snow Storm...

We had a pretty good snow storm blow through here yesterday. For February in Central Texas, that's pretty amazing. On Sunday the temperature was a beautiful 76 degrees and on Tuesday it was only 33 degrees. Just amazing this Texas weather.

So here are a few pictures of our accumulating snow fall. The first picture was taken at about 9:30 in the morning. The other two picutres were taken mid afternoon.

Here is a picture of our neighbor's Tulip Tree, sorry I don't know the technical name for it. It's already in flower and here we have all this snow.

A view from my front door. All the kids were let out of school early and clinics like the one my husband works for closed early also. We don't have snow removal equipment here and so the bridges and overpasses freeze quite quickly and make driving hazardous.

This was pretty substantial for our end of Texas...


  1. Oh my word Barb what an amazing site!
    We certainly are experiencing some strange weather across our globe!
    kim x

  2. Barb, wow, snow in Texas, fab photos. Hope the children are well and all settled. I would love for you to send some cold weather down under to us Aussies. hugs Jodie from Oz

  3. That is something- and I hope the cold weather does not affect the blossoming of the trees or the crops there! Hubby says a couple of weeks ago, there was snow in all 50 states!

  4. Barb - I'm in Round Rock - we must be neighbors. Wasn't that fun?! Neighbor - we gotta find a way to meet, I'm one of your biggest fans.


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