Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Day at the Fair!

Oh what a day this has been! The last day of the HOT (Heart of Texas) Fair and Rodeo! This was the only day of fantastic weather our poor Fair experienced as we had rainy or cloudy and very cool weather for the greater part of the week. I'm so glad we waited until Saturday to take in the event! The weather was fantastic, sunny and not too hot - just perfect for the day.

Our day was very, very full! We arrived at the Fairgrounds just past noon and took in as many rides as we could. Jordan was pumped, I mean he was really pumped!! His Pre-K class had visted the fair earlier in the week and he was so excited about going. They weren't able to ride any rides that day, but went on a Field Trip to the livestock building. They got to see a cow being milked, but most importantly (and those of you who are raising boys will understand) he saw a cow...ahem...well...peeing!! That was the best part of the entire fieldtrip to him and he told us over and over. Boys! Gotta love 'em!

My Hubby Is a Blue Ribbon Winner! I just have to tell you, my wonderful husband loves to bake and so decided to enter his NOW famous Brownie recipe in the baking department. AND HE WON A BLUE RIBBON! Not only did he win "Employee of the Year" at work, but he won a Blue Ribbon for his Brownies. I just have to brag on him. He is such a gem, and we love his baked goods around this house! He ROCKS!!!

Okay, on to the rest of the Fair...

Since the girls remained in the stroller for the 5 hours we attended, I only got one picture of them the entire day. This was really Jordy's day to shine! So here following are some pictures of our day.

First stop, the Petting Zoo...

Then we headed off to get Armbands for the rides:

The Ferris Wheel was a huge hit -

This was probably Jordan's favorite ride -

And of course no day is complete until you've ridden a Morotcycle -

We came home from the Fair pretty exhausted, and stuffed from eating all the good junky food, but our day wasn't over. Jordy's school had it's annual Carnival that evening, and we had to work his class sponsored booth. Bill is so much fun at these events! He took Jordan to every both available and Jordan got to try out everything and Bill is the biggest kid there. He really has fun at these things. They did some of the booths twice - like the cake walk!

Here are Josslyn and Brielle. They were absolute gems for being in their stroller for the most part of the day. When it was my turn to work the Pre-K booth they finally got to get out for a while and get some exercise.

This is what I mean about Bill being such a good sport at these events. He took Jordan to the hair painting booth and they both got their hair painted!

I didn't post all the pictures I took. Jordan actually rode rides at the Fair more than once, while I wheeled the girls around the Exhibits building trying to get them to sleep (no luck) and it was a tiring day for everyone. Needless to say, we all went to bed early last night and it was wonderful!


  1. Barb, Wow, looks like it was such a fun day. I love to read your funny stories, & see your wonderful photos. The cow story, well I couldn't stop laughing. Congrats to your DH, you all must be very proud of his achievments. The Children are just adorable. Thanks for sharing.
    Hugs Jodie from Oz

  2. I just love these pictures. such precious memories. Hubby is a sweetheart. Babies are precious. So glad to see the little man staying still long enough for a photo.
    How blessed you are my friend.


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