Monday, September 28, 2009

A very BIG day...

Yesterday, my dear hubby and I pack the three kiddo up and left the house at 8:00 AM to go visit our son and his family who live in the Dallas area. It was a very big day because his oldest son, Peighton, age almost 10, has become a believer and wanted to be baptized. We just couldn't miss out on such a wonderful experience as this. So we attended church with them and after the service they held the very first baptism ever in their church. They were baptizing entire families, which is wonderful but we only cared about Peighton...

Here he is, making his confession of faith...

I couldn't get any closer, nor was there room at the other end of the "tub" to take a front view of this sweet boy and the picture I took of him coming up out of the water was so blurry I had to delete it. Still, I have the memory...

So, after all of the celebrating was over, they took us out for lunch to celebrate my birthday, which is later this week. We had to wait over an hour for our table, but it was worth it. We ate like piggies and had such fun. Then we all headed for an out door mall in Rowlett, which was just beautiful with a park in the center of it. The kids had the most fun. They got to play in the creek - well Jordan did - and they played on the playground and had a blast. We had hoped that the twins would fall asleep in the stroller, but they didn't! Still they were quite happy and didn't fuss at all, even though it was 95 degrees outside. So here are some pictures of our happy day, a birthday gift from my sweet family to me!

Devon and sweet Wendy...

Twins in the stroller...

Peighton and William...

Here's Jordan having a blast...

Our precious William, who is 6 and in the First grade, walking along the play train, which he loves with great passion...

Devon being a good sport and playing with the boys...

Father and son, talking "guy" talk...

We had a fabulous day with our kids and grand-kids, eating out, visiting and catching up on all the news. It was a long day, only one of the babies actually took a nap, so it was a long drive home, but 11 1/2 ours later we were home, we fed them and put them to bed. Not one of them gave us a hard time about going to bed. What a wonderful early birthday celebration we had...


  1. That is awesome! Congrats to your grandson on his profession of faith and baptism!

  2. How awesome that you got to go to your grandson's baptism. A Birthday to remember indeed!

  3. What a wonderful day of celebration!!!!

  4. How awesome! I always get so excited when we have a baptism at church. It makes it all the better when it's someone we love! Blessings!

  5. Barb, Another wonderful episoide about your wonderful life. I admire you so much. You are so caring and I look forward to your family outings. Congratulations on your grandson's profession of faith. That is awesome. ...Edie in NC

  6. Lovely pictures of your day. Thank you for sharing them. Dawn Marie.xx

  7. what a wonderful you all looked like you had
    Mina xxx

  8. Rejoicing over Peighton's baptism! I know it was double special having you, dh & kids come all that way to share it w/him!

  9. Such a special life changing moment. I know you are so proud! You have a beautiful family Barb. I am jealous about all of those wonderful grand babies!


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