Sunday, July 12, 2009

Hi Mommy and Daddy, guess what?

Hi, mommy and daddy...we sure to miss you! You've been gone for two weeks now and we just wanted you to know that we're settling back into Grammy's routine pretty well.

Look at us playing with TWO toy boxes, while Grammy is busy rearranging her "Studio". She has been very busy clearing lots of stuff out and we've had lots of fun getting in her way!

Mommy! Daddy! Josslyn crawled right out of the studio into the hall way. Grammy tried so hard to get some video of it, but all Josslyn would do is wiggle around on her tummy. And tonight, at Bible Study, Josslyn crawled across the room. I just sat and watched and squealed with delight for her, but I'm not very interested yet! Maybe one day soon.

Jordan played hard outside tonight with the other kids and has 8 Mosquito bites to prove it! He was very excited to go over to Timmony's (Timothy) house and play.

Grammy says that Josslyn is getting pretty close to cutting her first tooth as well, but not me, Mommy, I'm going to hold out on Grammy for a while longer. She says that's okay because two teething babies would be too much to deal with.

Everyone was so happy to see us back at Mother's Day Out and Day Care. They said they had missed us very much.

Oh, and guess what again? Jordan had a sleep over the other night. Yep! His friend Gavin came for dinner and spent the night while his mommy and daddy celebrated his daddy's birthday with a big surprise party. Jordan was so very excited that Gavin was here to play and he kind of acted out a little, but Grammy and Grampy were very understanding about his excitement. They sure do love us!

Please be very careful over there where Grammy says you are working far, far away. We will be so much bigger when we see you in December. We love you so very much.

Hugs and kisses
Brielle (and Josslyn and Jordan too!)

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  1. Barb,
    they are just adorable. I always feel like holding them and giving them a big hug everytime when I see their pictures.


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