Friday, July 24, 2009


After bath time each night we leave the girls in one of the cribs to play. We put in a box of toys, but their favorite thing to do is throw everything out of the bed. The particularily love to play with Jordan's leggo blocks.

I could hear them laughing out loud and squealing the other night, so I peeked into their room, then ran for my camera. Here's what I found...

They are just such happy babies...

Clapping their hands...

Just thought I should blog a few pictures of my sweet girls. Josslyn is now crawling all over the place. She goes from room to room and this morning I caught her at our DVD player, pushing buttons and removing the disc's. Nothing is safe any more. Brielle is still content to sit and play but can wiggle, roll or do what ever it takes to go after a toy...

At bathtime they love to splash and get everything wet, but let there be just one piece of grass or thread or a leaf or anything in the water and they scream like it was a crocodile eating them up...I guess that's why the kiddy pool was such a bust. There were little leaves floating in the water!

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  1. Gosh , these babies are so beautiful. How in the world are you going to be able to give them back to their momma and dad. I know they bring you so much joy.
    You are a really special person to take all of these children into your home. God bless you my friend,


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