Wednesday, June 10, 2009

My VERY busy life....

It may look like all I do these days is stamping, but look again! I'm such a busy "mom". The children take priority, of course, and my stamping gets done in snatches - 5 minutes here, half an hour there, and of course, after everyone is in bed.

So here are some pictures to give you a glimpse into parenting twins who will be one year old on the 17th.

Feeding time is always an interesting adventure. The girls have found out that they can get a rise out of Grammy by blowing raspberries while their mouth is full of food. Arghhhhhh! Not only do they get covered with food, but so do I and everything withing spitting distance.

This is the result...Josslyn...

Dinner for them is usually around 4:00 PM. After they've eaten I put them down to play while I get dinner ready. This is how they help me cook...Josslyn on the left, Brielle on the right.

From the time I feed the girls until everyone is in bed is very hectic. Especially when Bill and Jordy arrive home from their day. Getting dinner (and a basicly simple one at that) on the table is a major event, with constant interruptions, lots of shinnanigans from Jordy and loud, attention seeking from everyone, it's a major feat.

While I clean up the kitchen Bill generally gives the girls a bath. Then it's into their cribs for a little play time, which they enjoy tremendously. Their schedule is changing now, with no morning naps for the most part, about 2 hour naps in the afternoon (when I stamp my heart out)on a good day. But bedtime is pretty much 7:00 PM - and they're out for the count.

Here is how they entertain themselves while we get Jordan ready for bed. Josslyn on the left, Brielle on the right - is there a pattern here?

Here is Josslyn enjoying a baby wipe. She loves these things! She will put them on her head and play peek-a-boo, but mostly she puts them in her mouth and just holds them...Brielle does the same thing, but I only took a picture of Josslyn.

We have recenly pulled out this little chair that belongs to Jordy. They LOVE it! Here is Brielle just having a grand old time... (and they don't even fall out of it!)

I don't have many pictures of Jordy, because he's gone all day and my time is spent with the girls.

Six more days and Lisa and Earl will be here with the two older girls, Shayla and Nia. Since those kids live with their biological/custodial parent we don't have them in our care. We are so excited that Earl and Lisa will have this time with all their kiddos, even though their time will be short. Then the count down will begin for December, when they will return permanently.

Now, off I go to get some more work done on my latest project...


  1. The girls are getting so big!

    I can't believe its already time for a midtour visit from mommy and daddy! Hope they have the most wonderful family vacation.

    Been missing you friend! Did you hear we got orders and are leaving in August?

  2. Oh Barb these pictures of the twins are just too sweet and they certainly are cutie patooties my friend.

  3. They are just soooo adorable!! You sure are a very busy Mom & now fitting some stamping in too!!! You're really awesome!!!

    It's time already for the visit, mannnn time has flown!! The girls are getting really big and ohhhh sooo cute!!! :)


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