Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Girly X 2 card for Daddy...

I only have a couple more Father's Day cards to make. Whew! It's been kind fast and furious between Graduation and Father's Day.

This is the card I made to give to the girl's daddy from just them. I know! It's not in any way shape or form a masculine card, but hey, it's from the girls! The two peas in a pod! Fric and Frac!

So my idea was to use Tingla, the baby girl from Magnolia and mask my first image to put the second image beside/behind. My first big challenge was getting the skin tones right. Our babies are bi-racial and are more olive complected. Definitely not white like all the Tilda's you see out there. So after stamping her on scrap paper four or five times and playing around with colors, I finally came up with this:
(Oh! I shouldn't show the close-up first!!)

Then I completely finished coloring the card except the hair. I was so afraid to start. It's hard to color black hair and this was a first for me. I watched Suzanne Dean's video over and over. Well please be kind with your thoughts. I'm still learning.

Here is the complete card:

I have to add that almost all the time I dress the girls exactly the same. I've learned to tell the difference but for those who can't we have identifiers. Brielle has little pink stone earings, Josslyn has green. Brielle uses only the pink bottles, Josslyn the green ones. So on these little P.J.'s I put a pink heart for Brielle and a green heart for Josslyn. (just so daddy won't get them confused!)

Here is the inside: (I have not finished the inside of one of my cards, but I just had to do something with this one...

Here are the Copics I used:

Thanks for stopping by to view my card.


  1. OMGoodness Barb, this card is so adorable & sweet & looks like those 2 lil' sweethearts too! Fabulously put together & I know their daddy will love it!!


  2. simply adorable! great job coloring!!!!!
    Pam Going Postal

  3. ACK! THis is sooooooooo CUTE!!! I love it! You did a wonderful job with all of it! Their hair looks fantastic! I haven't ventured that far yet. I'm too afraid. LOL! Beautiful card, Barb! I love it!!

  4. Wonderful job, Barb...they are just soooooo cute...and I bet those little ones are precious too!!! Your coloring is superb...Great card!! Hugs..Jacque

  5. Barb, you did an excellent job in coloring the Tinglas. I would like to know what colors you used for their body and it's very prety. Their daddy will really love this card as it is sooooo cute, and your coloring is just so beautiful.

  6. That is just the sweetest little card ! Love the story behind it as well :) you did a great job on coloring as far as I am concerned and what a treasure that card should be !

  7. Your card is adorable! I love your water coloring you did on the little girls. Too cute! Your grandchildren are adorable. You need to be commended for such an undertaking. I am sure you couldn't be happier doing it. They are sooo cute!


  8. This is such a adorable card. Daddy is going to cheer up when he sees this card!

  9. Barb...your card is fantastic! You are way to hard on yourself your coloring is fabulous! I love the story of how you tell the girls apart. Love your card GREAT JOB!

  10. You did a fantastic job on the black hair. I practice and practice also. The card is beautiful.


  11. Your coloring is perfect and I love how you kept the layout simple and clean to focus on the twins. Adorable!

  12. Wonderful card Barb - I really enjoyed looking through your blog. Lovely cards and such adorable children!

    Take care,

  13. Oh Barb, this card is just soooooooooooooo cute!
    I love them.

  14. Oh Barb...your card is absolutly adorable! What a great job! Your card is just as special on the inside as the outside. Love Love Love your coloring!


    ps.. i also love the nice pic of your copics.. what a sweet idea with the ribbon :-)

  15. super cute and you did a fantastic job coloring the black hair, I have the hardest time with it as well.

  16. Love this card and you pegged the 2 girls perfectly! The hair looks wonderful as does the skin coloring.

  17. This is fabulous- you hit the colors of the skin and hair perfectly- fun to see you stamping a little here and there! I have enjoyed your stories of the kids- like I have said before, brings back lots of memories!!! TFS

  18. hello sweet Barb, thank you so much for your kind comment.

    must say the papers were really challenging this time arround. your words mean a lot to me for things iam not so secure with :-)
    love and hugs

  19. Hi Barb,

    Oh this is the cutest!!! You don't make daddy a card that looks masculine - you make him a card that looks like those who are giving it to him.........You have done your girls PROUD. I LOVE IT!!!!! Daddy will too.....

    Hugs, Candy

  20. This is so cute Barb! I bet their Daddy will just love it!

  21. Thought I'd stop in and see what you are up to!! THIS is absolutely adorable. I love the 'twins'. You did great with their hair and skin!!

  22. BEAUTIFUL hair. I too struggle with coloring hair. seems like it'a always a bad hair day on my colored images :-)
    hugs Annita


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