Monday, May 11, 2009

Out to the park...

After dinner tonight, and long before the kitchen was cleaned up, we put the kids into the strollers and walked over to the park which is very near our house. The kids all love to go to the park. It's a great way to wear Jordan out at the end of the day, and to burn off the energy he gets after a meal.

Brielle is facing and Josslyn is behind.

Some one must have had twins in mind when they designed this swing. I know it's only supposed to hold one child, and they can face either way, but it seemed so perfect to put both girls in and have them swing together and they are so delighted with it. They remind me of Siamese Twins sitting here together. It's such a hoot to see them together like this. We may just have to put one up in our back yard, but then we would not go to the park and Jordan loves the slides, the big climbing rock, and all the manipulatives they have. We couldn't put all that in our back yard, so we might pass on the swing.

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