Sunday, March 29, 2009

The Birthday Boy is Three...

This weekend we celebrated Jordan's 3rd birthday at Peter Piper Pizza with seven other kids and their parents. Jordan hadn't been to Peter Piper before, and he was so excited when he saw all the games and rides. He didn't even realize that he had presents to open!

Bill made this birthday cake for Jordan. He took a recent picture of him (you may recognize it from an earlier posting) and had it put onto edible paper and then applied it to the cake.

He got a Dance Cam and a Sit and Spin from his parents Earl and Lisa. They ordered it online and had it shipped to our house. Yeah for modern technology!

Here are all the guests eating up their pizza and having a wonderful time...

Josslyn and Brielle seemed to enjoy all the activity of the day. They enjoyed a couple of jars of baby food instead of pizza but they got to try their first ever ice cream. I'd like to say it was a huge success, they kept wanting more, but they weren't too sure about the cold. Funny, because they eat Yogurt all the time.

The highlight of the day was getting to ride on the carousel. Most of the pictures didn't turn out too well, this is the only one we have of Jordan riding his horse. (he's the one behind, on the gray horse, in the olive green shirt) He was thrilled and talked about it for quite a while afterwards. He also pitched a fit when he had to get off. So much to learn when you're only three!

When we finally got home, and all the children were down for a nap, I put all the gifts together in the living room on display. We gave Jordan the bike, and his friend Gavin gave him a helmut. We didn't take the bike to Peter Piper Pizza, but gave it to him when he woke up from his nap. We knew we would never get him off it if we gave it to him sooner, nor would he have taken a nap. Now he wants to be outside riding all the time. He can't figure out why the bike stops when he pushes backwards on the pedals so we are working on that concept. Instead he just rides down the driveway until he hits our gate. Then he hops off and turns the bike around and rides back up the drive way. He is such a hoot.

It was a very fun day for everyone and a total delight for Bill and I to host this party. He is such a sweet boy and so full of beans. I thought it would be fun to include some of the silly things he says:

Macamony and cheese - Macaroni and Cheese
Hep you! - when he wants some to help him
Rock you! - when he wants to be rocked in the rocking chair
I'm scary! - what he feels when he's scared
It's under and rain - his newest experience with thunder
blanklet - his favorite blanket
clocklet - chocolate

His language skills are rapidly improving and his vocabulary is increasing everyday. I am teaching him new words every day and it's so fun to watch the light bulb go on in his head when you explain things to him. Can you tell we're just a little proud of him?


  1. What a sweet and lucky boy! It looks like a grand time! (I can't believe that this is the same baby!!)

  2. awwwww, Happy Birthday Jordan!! wow, is time ever flying!! It looks as if he had just a wonderful birthday & everyone sure looks happy & like they are having fun. You're wonderful with them!!


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