Monday, December 15, 2008

Mommy it was so good to talk to you today...

Hi Mommy,
Oh it was such an exciting day today. We really had a wonderful day and all the more so because you were able to call us from Kirkistan and we could hear your voice. Grammie tried so hard to get the web cam going, and was so upset because even though we could see you, you couldn't see us.
Today, while Grammie was wrapping Christmas presents to put under the tree, we played on the floor. We had TUMMY TIME and we didn't even cry this time. We actually reached out for toys. Grammie was trying to teach us how to roll over, but we don't like that very much. We're still getting used to tummy time.
Here we are, mommy. Brielle is in the foreground and Josslyn is in the back. We really like to watch each other now and we even talk to each other and get each other laughing at times. We want you to know that we are very happy here at Grammie and Grampies, even though we miss you SO much. We miss you bunches and bunches!
It was so much fun to finally reach out for toys and to grasp them. We are enjoying this new mat that Grammie bought us. It's so bright and colorful and there are different things we can touch on it and things that move too. Hey, tummy time is turning out to be kind of fun.
Grammie worked very hard trying to get some good laughing pictures of us today. She acts really silly. We're not like Jordan though. We don't run away yelling "No Picture". We kind of like the camera. (Brielle is on the right with the great big grin). Grammie says she can tell us apart now, and for two days she has been right every time without even looking for the bracelet. She's getting good!

Hi Mommy! Look what I've got! Grammie wears these funny socks that look like skin and I think they're so neat. Last night I took off one of her socks and put it on my arm. It feels really wierd, not like skin at all. Grammie wanted me to take it off when I went to bed, but I refused so she let me sleep with it on. Tonight after my bath I found it on the table beside the rocker and put it on my foot, just like Grammie does. She asked me if we could take a few pictures to show mommy and I said it was okay.
I sure wish I could talk better so that you could understand everything I tried to tell you tonight. I am having fun at school. Today was very cold and tonight we are having ice so I couldn't play outside. I tried to tell you that, but I guess my words aren't very clear just yet. I didn't eat my dinner tonight either, even though Grammie made mashed potatoes with gravy and some nice carrots and some peaches. I did eat half a biscuit though. Grammie makes good biscuits.
I'm so glad you were able to call back again tonight and that I got to talk to you. Every night at bed time, Grammie and Grampie are teaching me to say prayers for you. I'm really good at "dear Jesus; Bless mommy and daddy; and AMEN" I love you so much mommy.


  1. Barb, you are sparking memories of when my twins were little- and I have to tell you my husband reads your updates too! (His favorite was the dog in the Chex mix.....) Anyway, i am happy to send notes to Mom- re the parents seperated while away? I love how you got the kids to smile today in the photo's! I do not think I would have the energy for 3 little ones, and I am younger than you! God Bless you nd your husband- you have such wonderful hearts!


  2. Everyone looks so happy... They are just changing and growing so much so fast and looking just priceless in all your wonderful pictures...

  3. barb..i still can't read your post with out tearing up..for many i am so thankful that the parents are willing to leave their daroing children to help me keep my freedom..that a mom and dad are missing such mile stones in their little ones lives..that there are such special people in the world that will give of their time, lives and selves to help some..


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