Saturday, November 8, 2008

Visit to the Corn Maze

Here we are at the Kaska Family Farm in West Texas. At the gate they had a little tractor, which Jordy took to immediately and we had a hard time getting him off. Boy did he want to ride this tractor.

The very first thing the kids did was to go for a ride on the "Cow Train". Jordan was into that barrel like a shot, but when the driver took off it was a different story. The train actually went very fast and that struck terror into Jordy. When they got back to the beginning he cried and cried. He couldn't get out of that barrel fast enough. So we moved on from there to the Maze.

Our trip to the Corn Maze today was with several other families. The other ladies are part of the leadership team I am on for our Monday Morning Bible study and we had planned this outing for our families.
Of course the girls didn't really participate in the activities, except to get to stroll through the maze. Brielle fell asleep pretty quickly, while Josslyn took in the scenery, but she too finally fell asleep.

Jordan didn't really understand much about of the maze, but he followed the crowd and posed for a couple of pictures. Here he is with Bill in the middle of the maze. It seems that there was no wrong way to go, because we all ended up back at the beginning and no one got lost.
One of Jordan's most favorite stops on this visit was to the "Corn Box". I thought at first it was a Sand Box until I got closer. It was filled with corn kernels. What a super idea! No sand in your hair, clothing or shoes. All the kids had a wonderful time in this box. They scooped it into containers, onto each other and generally had a blast. Jordan certainly didn't want to leave this stop.
Another stop we made was to the water hole. When we arrived each child was given a plastic duck so that they could "race" their ducks. There were long troughs, with a hand pump at one end. You put the duck in the trough and then pumped water like crazy. Th water moved your duck down the trough and into a large galvanized tub at the end. The person at that end would pick up your duck and pump him back down to you. He loved this area so much and was soaked up to his elbows.
The last thing we did was go on a Hay Ride. Jordan and I went while Bill ang the girls hung around the camp fire. Bill had forgotten his jacket and was in short sleeves, so he got pretty cold. After the sun went down the temperature dropped quite low. Jordan was pretty leary about the Hay Ride, but once we got started he did very well. Went went back to the campfire, made some S'mores (a first for me) and then it was time to head home. It was a very fun day!

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