Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween at the Hardemans!

What a special night it as for Jordan. He dressed up as "Puff, the Magic Dragon" and off we went to a neighbourhood church for the fun fall festivities. We waited until arriving at the church to put on the top half of Jordan's costume, but he didn't want to keep the head part on. I can't say that I blame him since it was 80 degrees today. Not at all like when I was a child and there might be snow on the ground by the end of October, and you were so glad to have on the extra layers of the costume.

Here are Josslyn and Brielle, they dressed up as Identical Twins! They were so stimulated by all the activity and noise that they missed their regular nap. A very kind woman seated near to us helped me feed them when they grew hungry. We didn't go around to all the play stations they had, so we just watched from a quiet corner (relatively speaking).
Jordan and I sat together for this photo. There was a man taking everyones pictures and getting their address so they could mail you the picture. Bill took this picture of us.
Jordan liked the head of his costume, but wouldn't wear it. So I guess holding it was the next best thing. He enjoyed the ball toss, the fishing pond, and the golf,but best of all was the inflatable slide. He wouldn't wait his turn and just went to the front of the line until Bill pulled him out. He was not a happy camper.
The End


  1. What a trio of cuties you have! Love the costume, has he seen the movie?

  2. What fun Barb, what a busy time too... I still don't know how you do it all and still are able to post. Happy Halloween ...

  3. What cute little pumpkins! I don't know you do it!

  4. awwwwwww Jordie made a super great "Puff"!! He looks so cute. I'm glad he had so much fun!


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